Леонард Хируг

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Дата 31 марта 2020. Семинар отменён в связи с COVID-19.
Время 11:00 – 12:00
Место Малый зал (3 этаж БОН), Институт биоорганической химии им. академиков М.М. Шемякина и Ю.А. Овчинникова РАН, Москва (Россия)
Имя Леонард Хируг
Аффилиация Университет Хельсинки (Финляндия), компания Neurotar (Финляндия)
Название Undepressed: Scaling Up the Treatment of Depression by Automating Lifestyle Change
Описание Depression is a devastating mental illness that destroys lives and families. For the age group 18-29 years old, chances of getting diagnosed with depression are 50%. Depression is extremely difficult to cure. Antidepressant pills work short-term; however, six months after the onset of treatment they are no better than placebo. Classical psychotherapy is, unfortunately, of limited effectiveness and has to rely on the human therapist giving a session – and therefore cannot be scaled globally to tackle the widespread problem of depression.
There is only one long-term solution to depression that works effectively: a change in the lifestyle of a depressed person. Lifestyle change therapy (also known as cognitive behavioral therapy) has been proven to serve as an excellent and effective treatment. Its success is based on and closely linked to the phenomenon of neuroplasticity, i.e. the ability of a nervous system to change rapidly and adapt to new environmental challenges.
Our solution to tackle depression is to create a mobile application that would be able to analyze the user’s multimodal biological and digital data and provide real-time feedback and coaching on the necessary steps to establish and support therapeutic lifestyle. Our approach will enable us to scale the solution that works to satisfy the needs of thousands and millions of the depressed people in Finland and all over the world.
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Дополнительная информация Алексей Семьянов, semyanov@ibch.ru